Wer ein Schreiben von Frau Aphrodite Smagadi von der Aarhus Konvention in Genf bekommt, sollte dies als Antwort schreiben:

 Dear Mrs Smagadi,

 it is my intention to submit this copy of my submission EIA Temelin 3+4 as communication to Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee.

You do not have to forward anything to MZP Praha. That will do the Bavarian Environment Ministry or the Saxon Environment Ministry.

I want to tell UN Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee I am not able to participate. Since May 11, 2012 public participating EIA Temelin 3+4 is open for public, but no official body`s information is reaching me. Deadline is June 05, 2012. It is pure despair why I am calling for you. I am talking about Germany, I am sorry to say, I do not talk about not about any Banana Republic.

 Kind regards,

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